Jumat, 20 Juni 2008


Drubbing 3-2 German really representing of heavy blow to Team Portugal. Not even all Portugal Suporrter, but also all punggawa Selecao das Quinas.

That thing also which is like felt by attacker of Cristiano Ronaldo. After its team is defeated by a Panther Team, Ronaldo lay open its sorrow.

X'Self struggle as long as 90 minute likely without effect its team moment fail to enter halffinal " We are all sorrowful," regret Ronaldo in room change the player after contest of like dilansir Field goal, Friday 20/6/2008.

sorrow of Star of Manchester United is also felt by its one team friend. is enunciated it the Just, Portugal which is from early exclusion of Grup A come up more superior compared to by a Germany, have to volunteer throw in the towel in quarterfinal.

: " We in fact wish to win the contest of because we know the a step again we will go to the final. We fail in both/ second act situation, but that's football," bold of Ronaldo.

: " Of course result of this disappoint the us of because we know this team is better. Better Portugal in fact, but its result can differ the. Germany win and competent them to halffinal," decompose the that 23 year player.

Sorrow Ronaldo do not only swallowing drubbing. In that contest, former that star Sporting Lisbon also experience of to injure. After The match in Euro 2008, x'self will experience the operation to cure its condition.

With the drubbing Portugal, automatically Germany ascertain the fast x'self to halffinal act of Euro 2008 after acting match inStadium Jakob-Park, Basel, Friday ( 20/6/2008) early morning WIB.

Three Germany goal printed, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose and Michael Ballack. For a while goal of reciprocation Portugal printed by Nuno Gomes and Helder Postiga.

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